Hurom HZ Alpha Series 3rd Generation Slow Juicer – Stainless Steel

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Once again Hurom leads the way with its third generation of Slow Juicers.


Hurom HZ Alpha Series 3rd Generation Slow Juicer is one of Hurom’s latest generation of elite Hurom vertical juicers and represents the very best in Slow Juicing technology. The HZ is also exceptional for its build quality. The casing for the juicer body is crafted from stainless-steel, a material which is renowned for its antibacterial properties and incredible durability. The augur and strainer, while not metal, are made from heavy-duty GE Ultem. This plastic is 8 times stronger than the standard plastics you would find in other juicers. The rest of the components are made of BPA free, ABS plastics that have been durability tested, ensuring that they all have a long life-span that can match the rest of the juicer.


Design & Technology Improvementsalpha-rpm

The ‘Alpha Series’ classification refers to Hurom’s 3rd Generation Drum Assembly which has been further refined to provide consumers with the best possible juicing experience;

Stainless Steel: The main body if the HZ is made of high quality brushed stainless steel, which gives the device not only a stylish and elegant appearance, but also ensures durability and ease of keeping them clean.

New Sleek Design: Hurom's sleekest model to date and boasts the smallest foot-print in the Hurom range.

New Auger & Drum Design: A new modified auger shape allows for longer use and improved operation; and the new drum design improves the overall juicing experience while maximising yield.

17RPM Spinning Brush: By slowing down the speed of the spinning brushes, you can gently mix juice within the bowl, and prevent over-flowing and foam build-up. No blockage while putting


Ice-Cream/Smoothie Maker: A newly developed ice-cream/smoothie maker is included in the box as standard enabling you to make your favorite ice-creams, sorbets and smoothies; and to get you started, we include a 45 page ice-cream recipe book.

Semi-Transparent Hopper: A handy addition allowing you to watch your ingredients from start to finish.

User Convenience : Easy Moving Handle conveniently allows for transport of product and Air Vent Hole helps cool down the motor and safely extracts juice.

For this latest juicer generation, Hurom have developed new technologies that allow improved function of the screen and spinning brush. This is achieved through a gear mechanism at the base of the juicing bowl. The gears are powered by the motor as it turns the augur, but their design allows them to slow down the rotation speed. This allows the screen and spinning brush to turn at a slower speed, of only 17 RPM. This new function will reduce the amount of foam that is produced with the juice and allows for a new design, where the augur doesn’t have wings. This is especially useful as past models were more likely to suffer damage on these wings, which would prevent the juicer from working correctly. A wingless design removes this risk and allows the augur to operate individually, without the requirement for it to also power the screen and spinning brush.



Key Features

High yield capabilities with a 43 RPM motor that uses Slow Squeeze Technology

Durable and antibacterial stainless-steel body

New part design allows the screen and spinning brush to turn at only 17 RPM

LED status light bar to quickly show current state of operation

Easy to clean : Self-cleaning function

Transparent hopper to watch your ingredients from start to finish

New juice ejection plug handle design

Patented Pulp Control Lever

3 Strainers (Fine, Coarse & Smoothie/Icecream)

Highly versatile in its range of functions

Near silent operation with the motor only using 150 watts of power


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