Hurom H-AI Self Feeding Premium Slow Juicer - Platinum Silver

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The Hurom's New H-AI Self-Feeding Premium Juicer in Platinum Silver - New 2018 Model !

Hurom continues to lead the way in juice extraction with the new H-AI Self-Feeding Slow Juicer.

This 2018 release is an exciting new addition to the Hurom product range. Enabling a more relaxed juicing experience, the H-AI incorporates new innovative features which take into account our ever increasingly busy lifestyles. 

The H-AI promotes a ‘Chop, Drop & Lock’ experience, enabling you to prepare ingredients in advance and insert them into a feed chamber.

The one stop hopper automatically inserts prepped ingredients into the juicer, eliminating the need to add ingredients piece by piece and enabling you to get on with other things. Pulp is now expelled directly into a built-in pulp container at the base of the machine eliminating the need for a separate external pulp jug. 

The H-AI's advanced functionality is guaranteed to produce the smoothest juice, highest possible yield in the shortest preparation time.





Amazing benefits of the new Hurom H-AI Self-Feeding Juicer


1) The smart hopper helps you to insert ingredients at once.

All ingredients to be inserted together!       H-AI_13          H-AI_11                  

The mixing bar automatically inserts and prepares the ingredients by pushing them through the C-wing (combing wing) and T-wing (trimming wing).

2) Convenience of the dual hopper!

img_section3_5 The dual hopper, which can be installed and removed when necessary, features two slots that have been more efficient juice extraction !


3) Fast juicing with a vertical process!

H-AI_12   The vertical chamber, which boasts a top-down internal structure that is a departure from the original side vents, is easy to use due to its enhanced pulp expulsion function and ease of cleaning. Fast and thorough cleaning : Simply by running water, easier and faster to clean than ever before


4) Get Every Last Drop! 3-degree Tilt                                    


The 3-degree tilted bottom helps collect even the last drop of juice extraction. No manual titling necessary !.


Key Features

* Smart control with a jog dial 

* Innovative Self-Feeding Dual Hopper

* Embeded safe sensor: the H-AI ‘One Stop’ will only operate when the lid is completely closed promoting a safer juicing experience. 

* Alpha Plus juicing components : V Screw, 500ml V Chamber and Control Lever controlling pulp  

* Slow 60 RPM motor rotation with quiet operation

* Strainer and Spinning Brush rotaetes 20 RPM

* BPA free juicing components

* Built-in Pulp Container :  Pulp is now expelled into a built-in, neatly aligned container fitted into the base of the machine.

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