Hurom GH Chef Horizontal Juicer - Silver

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The Hurom GH Chef Horizontal Juicer is the first ever horizontal juicer manufactured by Hurom.

More than just a Slow Juicer, the Hurom GH Chef can grind, knead and even make pasta!

Put simply, it is one of the most versatile products on the market.

Nut butters, baby foods, soups, dips, smoothies, the list goes on and on and everything you need to produce these foods comes in the box. In terms of performance it runs at 80 RPM and like most horizontal juicers it performs best with leafy greens and hard vegetables. However, it also brings much more than juicing the table, since you can use this device to make: pasta, baby food, nut butters and fish cakes to name a few. This diversity can be achieved through a range of attachments that come in the box.

The Hurom GH Chef is also whisper quiet, BPA Free, includes 5 level pressure adjustment, one-touch drum release and comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty


Your ‘4-in-1’ Juicer, Grinder, Kneader & Pasta Maker : 4 Functions in One HUROM CHEF!

Juicer: Slow Squeezing Technology ensures the purest of juices no matter what your ingredients. From wheatgrass and kale, to hard vegetables like carrots and beetroot, the results will amaze you.

Grinder: Make baby foods, fish cakes, dumplings, tacos and natural condiments.

Kneader: Suitable for all your home baking needs.

Pasta Maker : Make a variety of pastas and noodles including thick, thin and flat.




Key Features

The newly installed pressure adjustment cap with 5 levels of squeezing-power

4 Nozzle sets for various purposes at nozzle set case

One touch drum release button

Clean, eco-friendly and transparent drum & hopper

A quiet motor that runs at 80 RPM

Easy to clean

High yields, especially with hard vegetables


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