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The Hurom HV Slow Juicer - New Successor to Hurom 2nd Generation !

Hurom’s new HV Series Slow Juicer is a cost-effective succesor to the iconic 2nd generation models such as HH/HF/HG 2nd Generation models in Hurom's Classic Series.

The manufactrer proudly presents budget-friendly vertical slow juicer option with 2nd generation technology, Hurom HV.

For those who are looking for the best performimg slow juicer under £300 value, The Hurom HV will be the right choice.


1) Attractive Modern Design

A sturdy and balanced design with a formidable-looking front end that is widely appealing yet remains durable against any damage.


High quality materials stylized on aluminum give the Hurom HV an amazing style and dstrong structure among Hurom's Clasisic Series.



2) Semi-Transparent Hopper

allow you to observe                       img_section7_1​                                                        

the entire squeezing process and better control over the placed ingrdients.


3) Pulp Control Lever - A lever for adjusting juice density




Thnaks to Hurom's patented grip for adjusting the pulp outlet, you can get juice of different density. Very velvety and clear or thicker with higher fibre content.


4) 2nd Generation Components.

The Hurom HV Slow Juicer comes equipped with Hurom's 2nd Generation juicing technology to provide clean and efficient squeezing performance.



Key Features

* Slow Rotational Speed of 43 RPM 

* 500 ml Chamber (Drum) capacity

* Double edged high strength Auger do a double the work of signle auger.

* Adjustable Pulp Control Lever to accomodate different ingrediants. 

* Vasatile juice cap for convenience

* Four Spinning Brushes.

* BPA free juicing components

* Easy to clean simply by running under water

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