Hurom HH Series 2nd Generation Slow Juicer

Hurom HH Series 2nd Generation Slow Juicer

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Hurom Juicer
HH Series
One step closer to nature – Twice as slow, twice as good

The 2nd Generation of Hurom Juicers preserve the natural taste and nutrition of fruits and vegetables by gently squeezing and pressing them through its leading-edge Slow Squeezing Technology ’ instead of grinding them like other juicers.
HH Series
Slow Squeezing Tecnnology Global innovated technology of Hurom, SST™ Hurom’s leading-edge, innovative, and patented second generation SST™
Hurom’s original innovation, SST™, slowly squeezes ingredients minimizing the cause of friction or frictional heat and helps to preserve natural taste and nutrition.
Slow extraction technology innovation worldwide (the second-generation SST™)
Enjoy enriched natural taste and nutrition

Hurom’s patented SST™ technology squeezes ingredients twice as slowly as some other juicers, resulting in the preservation of natural taste and nutrition.

Rich natural flavor and nutrition
Easily mix a wide variety of ingredients

The juice cap makes it easy to mix an assortment of ingredients with in the chamber so there is no need to stir after pouring. Users can create a variety of mixed, healthier and thicker juice using preferred ingredients , as well as soy or nut milk, baby food, and juice as a meal.

Generous drum capacity of 500cc
Make juice the way you want with a control lever

Our 2nd Generation Hurom Juicer controls the discharging pressure when making juice with a new control lever, allowing customers to determine the consistency of their personal juices. Users can choose juice with more or less pulp depending on their preferences.

Concentration of the juice of the user-selectable preference
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