Hurom H-AA Alpha Series 3rd Generation Slow Juicer

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Once again Hurom leads the way with its third generation of Slow Juicers.

Hurom H-AA Alpha Series 3rd Generation Slow Juicer.

The latest H-AA is the flagship model in the Hurom family, the first to introduce innovative Alpha technology. Hurom Alpha is characterized by sensual design, improved performance, simplified cleaning system and the ability to prepare ice cream. The H-AA will satisfy every thirst!

Once again Hurom leads the way with its third generation of Slow Juicers.

Hurom H-AA Alpha Series 3rd Generation Slow Juicer is one of Hurom’s latest generation of elite Hurom vertical juicers and represents the very best in Slow Juicing technology.

A newly modified auger, new drum design, slower spinning brushes, transparent hopper and ice cream strainer, are just some of the features that make the Alpha Series the best Slow Juicer money can buy. In addition to classic juicing and nut milks, the H-AA is perfect for making Ice Cream and Smoothies.




Design & Technology Improvements

The ‘Alpha Series’ classification refers to Hurom’s 3rd Generation Drum Assembly which has been further refined to provide consumers with the best possible juicing experience;

At 43 revolutions per minute, HUROM captures natural health with its world-class, patented Slow Squeezing Technology, Hurom creates juices that retain all the fresh nutrients straight from nature.

New Sleek Streamlined Design: Slimmer in the back and the wavy curves on the lower body further highlight the design and add perfection as an interior home appliance.

New Auger & Drum Design: A new modified auger shape allows for longer use and improved operation; and the new drum design improves the overall juicing experience while maximizing yield.


17RPM Spinning Brush: By slowing down the speed of the spinning brushes, you can gently mix juice within the bowl, and prevent over-flowing and foam build-up. No blockage while putting in ingredients!

Ice-Cream/Smoothie Maker: A newly developed ice-cream/smoothie maker is included in the box as standard enabling you to make your favourite ice-creams, sorbets and smoothies; and to get you started, we include a 45 page ice-cream recipe book.


Semi-Transparent Hopper: A handy addition allowing you to watch your ingredients from start to finish.

User Convenience : Easy Moving Handle conveniently allows for transport of product and Air Vent Hole helps cool down the motor and safely extracts juice.




Key Features

  • High yield capabilities with a 43 RPM motor that uses Slow Squeeze Technologyalpha-rpm
  • New part design allows the screen and spinning brush to turn at only 17 RPM
  • Easy to clean : Self-cleaning function
  • Semi-transparent hopper to watch your ingredients from start to finish
  • New juice ejection plug handle design
  • Patented Pulp Control Lever
  • 3 Strainers (Fine, Coarse & Smoothie/Icecream Maker)
  • Highly versatile in its range of functions
  • Near silent operation with the motor only using 150 watts of power




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