Why Hurom?

Simply Better!

The Huromm Slow Juicer is no ordinary juicer. It creates the most nutritionally potent juice you can make at home with up to 5 times more living enzymes and nutrients. It is significantly better for your health and vitality, so much so, that many doctors recommend slow juicing for all types of health problems including cancer.

Thanks to the Cold Press process, you will be making juice that is far superior, healthier and fresher, with more anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, minimal frothing and foaming, and virtually none of the juice separation from conventional juicers.

The Hurom Slow Juicer can yield up to an amazing 50% more juice than conventional juicers, saving you time and money too. But most strikingly, Hurom 'SuperJuice' tastes super-delicious! You won't want to drink juice from conventional juicers ever again.


Why Hurom is the Right Juicer for You

  1. Slow Juicing produces better tasting juice
  2. Retains significantly more nutrients, vitamins, anti-oxidants and enzymes
  3. Extracts up to 50% more juice
  4. Little or no separation in your juice
  5. Makes raw nut milks and ice-cream
  6. Safer - no sharp blades
  7. Whisper quiet
  8. Small footprint - keep on your countertop
  9. Super quick and easy cleaning - just rinse under a tap
  10. Uses significantly less power than conventional juicers
  11. Available in a range of models and colours
  12. 10 year warranty



Get the most from juicy, nutrient-packed wheatgrass – easily and fast!


From soft fleshy strawberries and blueberries to citrus and harder fruits like apples and pears, the Hurom makes creating the best, tastiest fruit juices child's play. Kids love it – and when they make their own juices, getting them to eat healthy things is suddenly so much easier!


Enjoy the incredible taste of cold pressed vegetable juices with maximum living nutrients and enzymes. Juicing leafy greens and root vegetables is now a hassle-free breeze!

Nut Milks

Make delicious raw nut milks from almonds, pistachios, brazil nuts and many more. Simply soak nuts overnight, rinse and place in Hurom along with water and your favourite sweetener such as dates, vanilla pods, cacao and cinnamon powder. No need to blend or strain - the Hurom does it all.