About Hurom

The best way to drink nature


Hurom, must-have item in kitchens

Absorption into the body is four times higher when vegetables and fruits are consumed as juice than when consumed as they are. Hurom juice is free of additives such as artificial sweeteners, artificial pigments and sodium benzoate. Preservatives squeezes not only nutrients but also seeds and skin to preserve four essential nutrients short in humans to prevent various diseases, including cancer. This also gives full vigor and energy. The efforts to preserve nature in its fullest form have paid off as Hurom today has become one of the musthave items to keep all family members fully energized.



Slow Juicing


SST, patented new technology first of its kind in the world

Slow Squeezing Technology (SST TM), which is Hurom’s first patented new technology designed to gently squeeze ingredients without grinding them to preserve natural taste and nutrients as they are, was developed to make great strides toward the ‘health’ of humankind. Unlike other mixers or juicers, screw that rotates at a slow rate does not inflict any frictional heat or shock to ingredients while squeezes seeds and skin of vegetables and fruits to deliver the most original taste and nutrition nature can give.

Slow Squeezing Technology

Hurom Slow Juicer gently squeezes ingredients at a slow speed without causing any shock or friction to ingredients unlike other mixers or juicers that use high-speed rotating blades. This state-ofthe- art innovation, unprecedented in the world, enables Hurom to preserve taste and nutrients in the most original form to deliver uppermost health, safety, and convenience.

Ultem screw, an eco-friendly new material
Screw, which is the key of Slow Squeezing System (SST TM), is delicately made with a robust new material called ultem to keep nutrients from being destroyed and make a 100% undiluted fresh juice preserving the original taste and nutrition. Made of an eco-friendly new material, ultem screw is semipermanent and highly durable. The innovative technology embedded in Hurom is what makes Hurom one of the premium world-class products.





Technology for humans

Hurom’s technological evolution serves you a healthy life.


Slow Juicer Features

User safety oriented hopper

Secured structure and considerate design based on user safety oriented Hopper.

Squeezing Scew

Durable and Semi-permanent novel material (Ultem).


Interlocking with Screw to separate the squeezed juice and pulp.

Spinning Brush

Continuously wiping between bowl and strainer to easily squeeze the juice without clogging.


Much More Nutrition Taste
With Hurom’s Slow Squeezing Technology and add-on feature, mixing function by juice cap. You can easily make your personalized juice in richer taste and flavor in full.

Much More Convenient and user Friendly
Opening and closing the juice cap, you can adjust the amount of juice as desired into the container without any drops.

Much More Advanced Cleaning System
Filling up the bowl with the water while juice cap is closer, it becomes easier and simpler to clean.


Safety coupling sensor
Safety coupling sensor checks for accurate assembly of the base and bowl.

Low noise and low vibration design
Long operation with hardly any noise or vibration, safe AC motor.